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Become the hero of your brand’s story.

Our team will review your current digital marketing strategies, identify weaknesses, and develop a custom plan that will help you promote your brand and grow your business.


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Your business needs a story framework. And we spoil the ending.

 Hint: Your brand wins.


Building Your Brand

Before we can really “dive in” to your marketing, we have to establish what your brand is all about.

What we typically focus on in this stage is getting to know youyour business, and your goals. We determine this by running a report on your business and performing a marketing audit.

At Promoticon, we have to know the exact outcomes you are looking for so that we can best serve you.

Is your goal to retire to a beach in 3 years? Or do you want to stick around to revolutionize your industry and build an empire?

Once we understand what your business does, who you are, and where you want to end up, we can build a brand identity that encompasses that vision.

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Now that we’ve established who you are, what your business is about, and where your vision lies, we take the brand strategy we’ve built around those dreams and start “marketing” it.

While branding focuses on your heart, marketing speaks to your brain.

Since we have built a unique brand – one that encompasses why you care about and are able to fix your clients’ problems (in a way that speaks to their pain) – now we advertise it.

This is the stage of the journey in which we promote you. Not only will your marketing be more professional, polished, and refined, but as more people find your services, “business” will increase.


Managing, Refining, & Automating

After all this initial brand-building and digital marketing, we can really refine the system we’ve built, together.

At this final destination in the journey, we will make sure your marketing efforts are a “well-oiled machine” that keeps generating new leads and clientele for your business, on autopilot.

Through a combination of high-class project management and automation, we will hand you the keys to a system that works and works for you.

Finally, you can focus on growing your business full-time so you can retire in no time.

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The Digital Marketing Hub

Tired of a full bookmarks bar? Struggling to remember, “What was that website I signed up for again?” Our Digital Marketing Hub is the solution: it’s a place where you can bring all your most-used Digital Marketing links, data, and logins, together.

In our Digital Marketing Hub, you can...


View your business’ recent digital marketing activity

View your personalized Executive Report

View and access active digital marketing products

Purchase new product subscriptions

Add, edit, and remove customers

Configure your Business Profile and information

Edit your user information

Manage email notifications

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