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Salon & Spa Marketing Agency in Tampa, FL

We believe spa owners need relaxation, too.

If you’re tired of babysitting your stylists’ books and texting your friends to “try out the new gal,” then you need a marketing game plan.

A Quality Website +

You need a website that tells everyone about your salon/spa, your stylists, and you. We want your customers to be able to find your business on Google.

A Winning Ad +

When you combine a quality offer with a top-notch salon, amazing things happen. Let us help you get clientele through your door and into your chairs.

an expert = Results

You need someone who has done it before you, to do it for you. You need Promoticon.

Our story.

Promoticon began as a one-woman operation focused on helping real estate agents generate more leads. Now, we like to help businesses grow their revenue through quality and comprehensive digital marketing solutions. 

Due to her experience as an Eyelash Extension Artist, Julia has expertise in both marketing for beauty businesses and working in beauty businesses.

We can’t wait to work with you. 🧡

A beauty business success guide.

Download the free guide that outlines how Julia built her lash business nearly overnight.

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