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Google My Business, now called Google Business Profile, lets you manage all of your account information right on Google’s search engine results page!

What is a Google Business Profile? What are the benefits of having one for your business? How can you add new users to your business profile?

Keep reading for some great tips!

What is a Google Business Profile and What are the Benefits of Having One for your Business?

Google Business Profile is a tool for businesses and organizations to get a reputable online business presence and to access and use Google’s different services. You can submit your business profile, address, and other information so customers can easily search for you online and buy your products or services.

Benefits of Business Profile

More people are searching for businesses online, so below are the benefits of and why it is important for businesses to have a Google Business profile.

Maintain your Online Presence

Google is a powerful tool that can help you manage the information people find when they search for your business or products. You’ll be able to provide accurate details on all aspects of your business from its store hours and street addresses to individualized service offerings. Your potential customers won’t have to guess exactly where their next purchase should go!

Connect with Customers

Communicate with your customers by replying to their reviews and comments. You can also showcase your business by submitting photos and videos online where people can comment and interact with you. Posting photos can easily increase your Google Maps direction inquiries by 42%. Uploading new photos and links can also increase click-throughs to your website by 35% more than those who don’t. 

Another way to connect with customers on Google Business Profile is by including a Frequently Asked Questions section. Whenever you have a customer ask questions about your business, especially if it is a repeated question, it’s worth including that in your profile because future clients can interact with you and have their questions answered before you even have met! This goes a long way in building trust. Another blog will be coming soon showing you how to do that, as well!

Understand and Grow your Presence

Review data from Google so that you know what keywords customers use to search for you. The number of inquiries, calls, and messages to your business are also collected directly from the phone number displayed on local search results in Search and Maps. Once you have a better understanding of who is reaching you and how they are interacting with you online, you will be able to target future clients more effectively. 

To grow the word about your business, you also can create and track the performance of Smart campaigns. Smart Campaigns are just a fancy way of saying “Google Ads.” In these types of advertisements, you can choose to showcase certain aspects of or promotions within your business.

How to Add a User to your Google Business Profile Account

Does all this sound like a lot of work, just to maintain what is essentially a digital phonebook listing for your business? Well, the short answer is that it can be, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing! The good news is that Promoticon can help you with your Google Business Profile management.

The first step though to allow any digital marketer to manage your presence is to give them ownership access to the listing in addition to yourself. Here are the steps to do so:

Google Business Profile

  • Once you’re in your Google Business Profile account, click on the three-dotted lines, then click on Business Profile Settings  

Google Business Profile

  • Then click on Managers, and choose your account

Google Business Profile

At Promoticon, we often help businesses manage, promote, and refine their Google Business Profiles and we would be happy to do the same for you! For questions or inquiries, please contact us at info@promoticon.co.

Happy Googling!



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