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Promoticon is a remotely-based agency that provides marketing services to businesses in the States, no matter their location. Promoticon was founded to help companies survive and thrive in the digital world by connecting founders’ passions with a platform. We know what an important role businesses play in the communities they serve. That’s why we want to strengthen your brand stories and consequently expand your reach. We want to give entrepreneurs the tools and guidance you need to build brands that last. Join Promoticon and let us craft your narrative so you can focus on living it!

Our team.

Marketing Manager & Consultant - Julia Manaraze

Julia Manaraze

Marketing Manager & Consultant

Promoticon was borne out of a desire for freedom, remote work, and the ability to help other businesses grow. Learning about the importance of helping others from her faith, Julia aims to make Promoticon a company that works to build up other businesses and the people who own them.

Julia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities, summa cum laude, from Washington College in December 2020. She did so with the highest grade point average in her class for four consecutive years and received the Norman James Humanities award for the most distinguished Humanities major.

An entrepreneur at heart, Julia studied everything from Chinese to Environmental Studies while in college. The flexibility of her major allowed her to “branch out” into many dissimilar lanes of interest, which is ultimately what led her to fall in love with business. The constant evolution and never-ending growth that characterizes entrepreneurship capture her in a way that no single thing could.

Promoticon is still in its infancy, having been formed in February 2021, but its growth rate and projections for 2022 are stellar. Julia is looking forward to moving into marketing agency work full-time, having devested her lash business in early 2022.

Rob Manaraze

Rob Manaraze

Salesman & Graphic Designer

A jack-of-all-trades, Rob is well-versed in graphic design and entrepreneurship. Rob started a successful screenprinting company at 20. He is currently working to build Promoticon’s client base while also developing his own art brand.

Andrea Camille Alberto

Andrea Camille Alberto

Social Media Manager

Promoticon’s Social Media Manager is based in the Philippines. Andrea has extensive experience in many digital marketing roles but specializes in social media and email content creation and operation.

Alistair George

Alistair George

Partner Development Manager

Alistair is Julia’s Business Coach and Promoticon’s Partner Development Manager. He is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Not only does Alistair provide essential consulting services to Promoticon, but he also often acts as a liaison between Julia and her fulfillment team.

Fulfillment Team

Fulfillment Team

Website Designers, SEO Specialists, Content Creators, and More

Promoticon’s talented fulfillment team is based in Canada. Julia has a close, working relationship with each team that’s characterized by efficient communication and clear deliverables. 

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